Can't Download 3D Warehouse models

Correct - web app is downwardly compatible to 2017. Collada downloads are not a good option for many of the components in the 3d Warehouse. I tested a few and most of them get smashed to heck when you open them up. I also have some plugins that either aren’t available in newer versions or they are buggy and crash often. Make 2017 on MacOS is the most stable install I’ve used. It works for my needs.

When you import Collada there is a merge coplanar faces option. Turning that on should give you imports that are as good as a SKP would be.

I have sketchup Make 2017 and I can get into the 3d warehouse but when I click the download button nothing happens. What do I need to do to download models like I have for years?

Read this thread from the top.

Open the 3D Warehouse in a browser and download the Collada file.

You can’t still do it ‘like I have for years’.

If I’ve understood this and other threads on the subject, only models that were originally uploaded as v2017 can still be downloaded as v2017 from the 3D warehouse, and they can be accessed from within the component browser in SU 2017.

Models originally uploaded in later versions are now only converted back to the last three versions - 2021, 2020, and 2019, and to Collada. Next year, it is likely they will drop the 2019 conversion.

Download the Collada version and IMPORT it, don’t try to open it in SU 2017, and as colin says above, select the merge coplanar faces option first.

Another option while using the web browser, is save your desired sketchup model in whatever format you wish, then in your sketchup if your using Windows, you can get the extension Open Newer … by eneroth, works back to 2014 I believe. The extension adds a new command if the file tab, Open Newer…, you click that find your dl’ed model or component, it will then ask you to save, it will save as your version with a name addative, then proceed to open the model in sketchup. Then in the future open that new saved file, as any other sketchup file, even works with dynamic components, once saved, then imported, not open if you want to use the dynamic part.
For mac the extension, wont work, sorry.

Note that Open Newer Version doesn’t work with 2021 files, so if you follow your steps you would want to make sure to download a 2020 or 2019 file. Trying Collada is worth a go, that will immediately give you a file that can import even into SketchUp 8.

I just tried to download and save (5) 2021 files and all saved using Open Newer… and they then opened fine in SketchUp Make 2017, so I guess it is 2021 format convertable/saveable.

Perhaps @eneroth3 did an update, or will have an explanation about which files will work and which don’t.

I updated Eneroth Open Newer Version some week or two ago. Haven’t gotten around to do it before.


Thanx eneroth3, your my super hero ;), you make the old new again

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Exactly. If SketchUp hadn’t gone into forced subscription, I was about to purchase Vray as a permanent license to replace Thea Render.
But I switched to Blender for rendering, and I’m very happy with it.

I totally agree with your analysis of the evolution of SketchUp and in particular the lack of interest of the versions after 2018. Many share your point of view.