I am no longer uploading models on 3d Warehouse

Since Trimble is PERMANENTLY removing Sketchup Make 2017, I am NO LONGER uploading 3d models to 3d Warehouse. Sketchup Pro is WAY too expensive and I do NOT have money to purchase Sketchup pro. I’m saying goodbye to the sketchup community after a year and I don’t want to purchase Sketchup pro. Goodbye.


They stopped supporting SketchUp 2017 Make more than 5 years ago. The 3D Warehouse stopped supporting SU2017 about 4 years ago. They removed the download link a few months ago. Since you already have SketchUp 2017 and are just using it as a hobbyist there’s no reason to quit using it now.

OK. No one was forcing you to upload models to the 3D Warehouse in the first place.


I’m still going to use SketchUp Make 2017 as a hobby.

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So what was the point of announcing you’re no longer uploading models to the 3D Warehouse?

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As of January 31, 2023, downloads for 2017 and 2018 models will no longer be supported

The 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported SketchUp 2017 or 2018 for a couple of years now.

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Jeah, here is the post form june 2021

I’m not going to update my Myspace profile any more.


Good for you.

OK. Now I understand. Now I know they stopped supporting Sketchup 2017 Make and Pro a few years ago.

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You can upload and download models in a browser. It may be less convenient, but at least you can still share your models.

I like your models, I hope you stick around.



Thank you Colin,

Supportive and positive responses, like yours, are greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, Colin. I appreciate supportive replies.

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Most of us spend our time here freely giving thoughtful, positive and supportive responses.
But when a thread is started as nothing more than a rant with CAPITALS and I’m leaving Goodbye, we tend to get a little less supportive. Especially when the person is complaining about something they started using quite some time after it was a supported product.
But I wish you well in all your endeavors, and if you have any actual questions about using the software we are all here to help.


Yes, it is hard to listen to what someone is saying and hold it separately from what it evokes within us.

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You’re right, rants with ALL CAPS, especially saying, I’m leaving goodbye sounds less supportive. Even when my version of SketchUp will no longer be supported, I will try to use it as a hobby from now on.

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I don’t know your models, but I’m sorry you have decided to stop adding them to the warehouse.
FWIW though, I happily pay to use the work of others, and don’t understand why anyone is offended by having to pay for it. Doesn’t matter whether it is for work or pleasure, software or music or information—I’m not entitled to the efforts of others. I choose to support those efforts by helping to pay for them. I am paid for my work, and that is why I can do it.
I’m curious to hear how others think about this.


Nonsense. That is simply not correct.

That is not true. But the process is safer if you remember to remove your old SketchUp licenses before killing off the old computer.

Partly true, once a newer version is activated (classic license), the older versions cannot be (re)activated on new machines.
They can be activated on machines where they once where activated, provided that the username and MAC-address are the same…