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Our D&T Department have been using Sketchup Make 2017 free since 2021 till now. But some reason this week some features in Sketchup 2017 have been stop supporting , like search of Tree, building, its says cannot find the objects etc…Does that mean the Sketchup Make 2017 will be soon expiring and we have to purchase the Pro version for Secondary School? Can you tell me how much for Site package? So i can install only 36 machines as we needed

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Make 2017 is a stand alone program; the 3D extension warehouse is Not accessible.

Trimble no longer distributes or supports SketchUp Make 2017, and has ceased providing 2017 files from the 3D Warehouse (they only provide the current and two prior versions). You can still access the warehouse from a web browser, and can download the collada (dae) version of a model, which 2017 can import. If yours is a educational institution you should contact Trimble sales about an educational license for the current version of SketchUp.

The 3D Warehouse has not supported SketchUp 2017 Make for several years.

Effectively it “expired” a long time ago. It hasn’t had any updates in nearly six years. The internet browser it uses has not been getting security updates from Windows/Apple for some time.

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Make 2017 keeps working, but for some years already, 3D Warehouse only distributes models in three newest SketchUp file formats. Also, the internal browser in SketchUp is no longer supported by 3D warehouse (it is an old embedded version of Internet Explorer). 3D Warehouse models can be accessed by using your normal Internet browser and downloading the models in Collada (.DAE) format and importing to SketchUp 2017.

There is an updated article, that I’m not finding at the moment, that explains the policy for older version support. It was only updated recently, and that may match the timing of when some things stopped working.

You can still download models from and extensions from but now you would need to do that in a browser, then open or import the model you downloaded, or use Extension Manager to install an extension you downloaded.

If you don’t see an option to download a 2017 version of the model, choose Collada instead. In the import options, make sure to check the box for Merge Coplanar Faces. That will make the model look a lot cleaner.

Someone gave me the updated policy article link: