3d warehouse stopped working Pro18

Has trimble disabled access to the 3d warehouse for pro18 users? I have lost access to the warehouse all of a sudden and nothing i do can give me access. I am having to download mopdels via the Make.

Yes. This happened for SketchUp 2018 quite awhile ago.

You can go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser and download the collada version of the components you’re after. Then import the included .dae file into SU2018.

The 3D Warehouse supports the current and two previous SketchUp versions.

Thanks DaveR. I guess they are forcing you onto the subscription version now.

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FWIW the 3D Warehouse stopped supporting SketchUp 2018 in the middle of last year.

Updating is an option but if you don’t want to do that, you have several options.

I have been using it until a few weeks ago. I got an email recently that said my maintenance was coming to an end and then the warehouse was cut off. It is a real shame as there is obviously no real reason to stop it working apart from the push to subscribe.

Someone has to pay for the extra storage space for each file version stored.

Are you in fact using version 2019? The support for that was dropped “a few weeks ago”.

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