Download from 3d Warehouse not possible anymore?

Dear all,

I am working on a new sketchup model. Since last week I cannot download models of the 3D Warehouse anymore. Does anyone know why? What are my options to be able to download models again?
Thank you all in advance.

A lot of people already asked, read this please:

Thank you very much. This was a great help.

you’re welcome.

I know this is weird, but I am using Sketchup Make 2017 and just around September 1st or just before 3D Warehouse yes did not work anymore from within Sketchup Make 2017, through a browser yes worked fine but inconvenient.
At around the beginning of September I started to beta Windows 11, guess what, maybe its just my computer, but since then I can view and download from within Sketchup Make 2017, also upload to servers again. I do this regularly as I am drawing our house and lot as no plans or property lot plan existed when we bought our house 4 years ago, so I need 3D Warehouse alot for ideas, but now that it works from in SketchUp Make 2017 again with the Windows 11, I am happier then I was using the browser, saving as 2019, in SketchUp Make open Newer save as 2017, then opening in 2017, then importing into my project.

I’m going to guess you are finding and downloading components that were uploaded ast 2017 or earlier which is why it is working. Operating system aside, the 3D Warehouse is no longer converting newer files back to SketchUp 2018 or 2017 versions. You can still use the Components panel in SU2017 to find components that are already at the correct version, too.

Before Windows 11, and using WIndows 10 and SketchUp Make 2017 around or near September 1st, 3DWarehouse stopped working entirely in SKM2017.

It was supposed to stop working then. Nothing to do with your operating system, though.

Thats true, thats what they said and before Windows 11 Beta, its was not working for me, but its working fine for me, and since Win 11 Beta, and I use 3DWarehouse many times a day from within SketchUp Make 2017. Now it could be the SketchUp Make uses IE/Chrome Page calls to access 3DWarehouse, and they are more backward compatible in Windows 11.

3D Warehouse is broken for everyone trying to use it inside 2017 or 2018, regardless of what Windows version they are using. You need to download components from the Components panel, or by using a web browser.

Sorry Colin, from today, check SketchUp Make 2017 with 3DWarehouse open in SketchUp Make 2017 using Win 11.
Check the lower right for date and windows version in the included image.

I can download fine into and save as from SketchUp Make 2017, also upload components from within SketchUp Make 2017.

If this had something to do with the operating system or browser you should be able to then go to the 3D Warehouse in your browser, select this bathtub, and download the 2017 version of it. Can you? Show a screen shot.

I know through the browser I can save as 2021, 2020, 2019 and collida, thats been obvious since the non support announcement at the end of August for 3DWarehouse, but also around that time my SKetchUp Make 2017 stopped supporting 3DWarehouse from within SketchUp Make 2017. The I entered the beta for Win 11, and somehow my SketchUp Make 2017 was back to the way it used to be, working with 3DWarehouse from within SketchUp Make 2017. Before I could not browse the warehouse let alone upload to the warehouse from within SKetchUp Make 2017, but I been able to since using Win 11, maybe just a coincidence but for me its working again. If I choose not to impost directly into my model the save as window pops up as usual to save to my pc instead.
I am just posting what has happened personally to me.

The point is, the 3D Warehouse is no longer converting SketchUp files back to SketchUp 2018 or 2017. IF you are able to import SketchUp files into 2017 Make, it’s because they are already 2017 or earlier. It has nothing to do with your operating system.

I know what you are saying, but if you read what I wrote, the 3DWarehouse was not working in SketchUp Make 2017 near the end of August, just a blank window would open and nothing else, no search bar no graphics, nothing but a blank window.
And as to your Tohoe 55, if it was uploaded as 2018 and newer I would not be able to even find it in the Warehouse from within 2017, but my point was the warehouse was not working at all sometime in August but was before, and then was working again after I got Windows 11.
If I can’t find a model inspiration throught the warehouse from within SketchUp Make 2017 then I would use a browser to see if anything else has been uploaded for what I am looking for, and then use eneroths open newer version in 2017 to open the saved file in SketchUp Make 2017 format, while still keeping the original file 2018 and newer and having a 2017 version as well.

Can someone help me to open my 3D warehouse into SketchUp pro 2021? i READ ALL MESSAGES THROUGH UP AND DOWN DIDN;T FIND ANY WHERE THE SOLUTION?

Could you please stop shouting and explain what the problem is…

I am sorry, I didn’t mean to shouting on anyone.
Accidently, caps was on.
so when i click on 3D Warehouse its showing me black page.

Blank Page white, There was saying in under maintenance but when i click on subscribe to updates, I did that too but still its showing me same page.