3D Warehouse for Skecthup make 2017


I’m using Sketchup make 2017.
Since yesterday I cannot download from 3D warehouse from Sketchup desktop and when I try to download from 3D warehouse from web, version 2017 is not available.

Is this version no lonfer supported?


This actually occurred a few weeks ago and was announced months ago. The 3D Warehouse supports the most recent three versions. You can still access models in the 3D Warehouse via the Components window in SketchUp or you can access the Warehouse through your internet browser, download the Collada file, and import the .dae file included in the download. Or you can create your own components.

Thanks Dave,
Already tried that but with which program should I open this file?
When I try to use Sketchup I get the error: “This does not seem to be a Sketchup model”

What’s that? The collada file? As I wrote in my previous post, import the file into SketchUp. File>Import not Open.

Thanks Dave
I missed the import part
Now it works :grinning:

Another question
Is version 2019can be downloaded free of charge?

Version 2019 can still be downloaded at no charge but SketchUp 2017 Make is the last free desktop version. SketchUp 2019 is pro-only so you would need a license. I doubt you could get a license for 2019 now and it would make sense to use SU2021 for which you can get a license. For hobbyist use such as yours, you could use the free web version instead.