Sketchup Make 2017 3D Warehouse not downloading

Interior design student here. I have been using Sketchup Make 2017 the past several semesters. All of a sudden my warehouse isn’t letting me download. Do you have to have Pro now?? There’s no free version any longer? router login

Some months ago SketchUp stopped supplying new version 2017 and 2018 models through the 3D Warehouse. You can either go to the Warehouse using your Internet browser and download the models in the Collada (.dae) format and import them then into SketchUp 2017, or use the models that can be found through the Components window inside SketchUp.

Let me say that I’m unhappy!
The web version is so limited! I’m unable to save the flat that I have designed and furnished accordingly with “Make 2017”. And its usage is so weird :worried:.
Now it seems that to save a model as Collada (.dae) I need to “upgrade”.
Is there a way to stay on the free side and use the 3D Warehouse?
Teodoro Marinucci


  1. You can export to Collada file by SU2017 Make
    To be able to do that you must have a geometry created first.

  2. You do not need to export it to be able to upload to 3DWH. The Warehouse accept any version of .skp. (Via web broser)

  3. From the web version you can still download .skp as version 2017.

As @dezmo shows, you can upload your .skp file to the 3D Warehouse. You do not need to export to .dae to do that. For your hobby use you shouldn’thave any problems with the way it works now. If you need to download content from the 3D Warehouse you’ll need to get the Collada file and import the .dae into your model.

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Thanks, but it’s not what I asked.
It seems that the only way to use the 3D Warehouse is through the web version.
This version need an upgrade when I try to export the model as Collada (.dae).

To export a Collada file from the web version you need to be using SketchUp Shop. That export option isn’t available to sketchUp Free users.

Why are you exporting a Collada file anyway? It’s not required for uploading your file to the 3D Warehouse.

That could be true, BUT:


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Thanks dezmo, this works!
Complicated, but it works!
Hoping that the “2017” will stay for a long time! I’m not a architect, I designed my home. So, … please! keep it!

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If you have to have a Collada file you could upload your .skp fuile to the 3D Warehouse and let it make it for you.