Download .SKP in old versions

Hi, everyone. Not so long ago, I was able do download .skp files from app.sketchup (web) in 2018 version. Now I can’t see see this option anymore. Why? Is there another way to do that?

From where? The 3D Warehouse? It supports the current and previous two versions. SketchUp 2018 has not been supported for awhile. You can download the Collada versions of components from the 3D Warehouse and then import the included .dae file into SU2018.

By the way, you put that you are using the SketchUp 2018 Free Plan but there is no such version. Which version are you really using?

SketchUp 2018 is an unsupported/discontinued product now - so none of the services will convert files to it anymore.

You can export a collada file and then import that into SU2018 however

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