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My 63rd extension is a small utility that let’s you do the seemingly impossible - open a model made in an more recent SketchUp version. Hopefully this will be especially useful for the hobby community which uses the 2018 format in the web version but is limited to Make 2017 as desktop version.

Usage: Go to File > Open Newer Version, select a file to open, and then select a file location for the converted, compatible model.



downloads from the webversion allready are17.1, it would likely be more for 2017 users that receive desktop files and don’t use the web version, without going through the hassle of 3D Warehouse etc…

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concerning the known limitation, if calling the “cmd.exe” (not a batch) you may want try the “/c” switch for hiding the command line window, “/q” supresses the echoing in the command line window.

From what I’ve understood Ruby on Windows can’t perform shell commands without a flashing command line window.

That is why I suggested in an earlier thread, that you write a short .VBS file in a TEMP folder that runs a Wscript Shell, which itself runs the cmd.exe /c and code with appropriate [ />>>\ etc] paths etc…
Run using UI.openURL(full_path_to_vbs)
That way no window flashes open…

Running external program without flashing command line

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This will be added in the next version. For info on the implementation will be posted in the other thread.

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Sweet! How about a Mac version? :sleepy:

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As I don’t have access to a Mac to test on I can’t develop it :confused: . However, this is an open source project so if anyone knows how to compile C code on Mac they are welcome to do it!


I have tried installing this plugin in SU Make 2017, however was not able to open a model created in SU Pro 2018. Does this plugin only work on Pro versions not Make? If this is the case, does it still work after the 30 day trial period?


What operating system are you using?

From the EW page:

“The extension is much aimed at hobby users using Make 2017 who wants to open models made in SketchUp Free (which uses the 2018 format).”


"there is no Mac support"

Please complete your profile.

It’s a free Extension supported by SketchUp 2014+ on Windows 64 bit, as the information page says.

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@eneroth3, @DaveR, Thanks both for the reply. I have a licensed SU Pro on one machine, and SU Make 2017 on another machine. Both machines are 64 bit.
I installed the plugin within the extension manager in SU Make 2017. It installed fine with no problem. The signature shows everything is installed ok. However, within SU Make 2017 when I try to open a 2018 created file, it still brings up the message saying the model was created in a newer version and will not open.

How are you going about opening the newer ’18 file? Can you list your steps.

You need to use File > Open Newer Version to open a newer version.

@endlessfix, Thank you for your reply. @Eneroth has answered my question but thanks for offering the help. Wolf

@eneroth3, Thanks for your reply and help which has answered my question. I’m trying to solve several different issues at the same time because of my work duties so sometimes the simple things for me become complicated.

hey guys i have a rly old sketchup version (2014 lol) in an old computer and the plugin does not work. is this plugin just for the newer versions? ty.

It’s explained on its page in the Extension Warehouse.

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oh no, i mean the plugin doesnt work with version 2014 (Sketchup Pro 2014) :sweat_smile: right?

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