Problem with Downloaded Models

After recent changes in the 3DWH, in one thread, I posted, “… I am able to download models created in SU versions 2021, 2022 and 2023 using the extension in Make 2017.” That was one week ago.

Today, I downloaded a model (allegedly a 2021 version - see image), and when I tried to use Eneroth’s Open Newer Version, there were two issues:
1. The extension advised it could not open 2023 files
2. I did not choose to d/l a 2023 file

Seven days ago, before making that post noted above, I had tested the extension - it opened 2021, 2022 and 2023 files.

What up??

Maybe you were getting 2020 files before. Since the release of SketchUp 2021, the file version is interchangeable going forward. SketchUp 2021 will natively open models created in SketchUp 2023, for example. I understand that based on the Current Minus Two policy now SketchUp 2020 is no longer supported and the file version was recently removed. This was announced some time ago.

Which model was that? I downloaded a random model, and the 2021 download gave me a 2021 file.

bossetti’s house

I downloaded it again and tried again to open it in Make 2017 with Eneroth’s extension. As in the image, the download choices are 2021/22/23. I chose 2021. But the extension indicates the file is a 2023 file.

Because @DaveR suggested I was downloading 2020 versions [before], though I indicted 2021 thru 2023 in the post I noted, I went and downloaded some random models and attempted to open them in Make2017 with Eneroth’s extension. The results were as follows:

Downloaded file version 2021 for models created in 2014, 2018, 2019, 2020 (one each) - extension successfully converted the 2021 files so they could be opened in Make 2017

Downloaded file version 2023 for models created in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2021 (one each) - extension successfully converted the 2023 files so they could be opened in Make 2017

Downloaded file version 2021 for models created on 1.08.23, 2.05.23 and 5.22.23 - extension successfully converted the 2021 files so they could be opened in Make 2017

Downloaded file version 2021 for models created on 3.15.23, 4.28.23, 6.19.23, 7.27.23 and 8.01.23 - got the error, “This version of Eneroth Open Newer Version does not support SketchUp 2023 files.”

Hope this helps…

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed several things. One of which we both commented on “community model sharing”. The free version going to online only was perhaps the first sign, then closing out 3-D warehouse For older versions. This was all accompanied by a shift to subscription model, which is clearly the smart direction things have headed If you’re interested in Increasing revenue stream. Sketchup has actually been late to the party in this regard.

One of the most recent big Sketchup notices I saw, was a half million subscribers for this year! It just makes sense to go this way, I suppose. We may not like it, but we enjoyed it for years including download s from 3-D warehouse and tons of tutorials, all free if you were clever enough. My guess is there’s little to nobenefit financially from supporting Legacy hobbyists who benefit from so much of what was offered without contributing past 2017.

Except perhaps overseas where a vast student population appears to be using SketchUp. I find by far the most likes I get come from outside the US. And that’s one thing that seems to be continuing, despite no way to add or track them on the new US version of 3-D warehouse

For now I’ve resigned myself to being limited to Collada files until they two are dropped. In any case, the most fun is still making your own models and that should go until the hardware fails.

I believe Dr. Seuss had the right perspective. “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened at all!


I see the problem. The file has been made as a 23.1 version file, which doesn’t yet exist. I will ask 3DW to remake the three files, and give @eneroth3 a heads up that if and when there is a 23.1, the extension will need an update.

Meanwhile, here is the house as a 21.1 model.

bosseti+rdc01.skp (10.1 MB)


Thanks @colin

Okay. I didn’t mark this as solved because I was thinking the issue was not just with the one file “bossetti’s house.” In the week, I have found that I can open very few downloaded models now - all this has happened since the recent changes in the 3DWH.

I remembered that on 27 July 2023 I happened to download a model (vs 2021) from the 3DWH that was dated 11 June 2023. I opened the file using the extension “Open Newer Version,” (vs 1.0.8) in SU2017. I think that would clearly indicate that the file was not created in a 2023 version of SU.

Somewhere between 27 July and 02 August, something changed. This evening, after I remembered the model I downloaded on 27 July, I went back to that model and downloaded it again - vs 2021 as before - just to see what would happen. I tried to open it using the “Open Newer Version” extension in SU2017, and I got the error mentioned above, “this version of Eneroth Open Newer Version does not support SketchUp 2023 files.” Oddly… I was not surprised.

Whatever this issue is, it is Warehouse-wide…it is not restricted to just a model or two. Affected models seem to be all from this year, though the further back in 2023 I go, the more models I can successfully open with the extension.

Collada files are a hit and miss kinda thing - some older models will import, but all I get are lines/edges… no faces. Importing of newer models and some older models, fails all together.

I’m gonna make an educated guess.

A month ago, a couple of files were not opening in eneroth’s extension because as Colin sait, they were in 2023.1 format, not yet released.

The reason why more and more files are not opening now is because more and more are in 2023.1 format.
That would mean 2023.1 is around the corner now. and likely adds / changes a thing that is not recognised by the extension. The change is small enough that SU21+ will open it with no trouble, but big enough that an extension from 2018 will refuse them.
The warehouse seems to convert recent models first and older models later, from what you’ve observed

(there was a similar situation in 2021 where the update 2021.1 was small enough to still be 21 but big enough that windows considered it a whole new more recent version. Also, when we saw extension 23 compatible a few month before the release, telling us it was near.)

Colin notified Eneroth, but she is no obligation to update her extension, either quickly nor at all.
You could check the equivalent extension from @Suforyou , he is still active and hopefully will fix his version if needed (this is a hint for him to check if his version works with these files or not yet :wink: )

BTW. It is not an extension, it is an independent program (application).

ha. didn’t know it.

I was tricked by the fact it’s still listed in the Extension warehouse :wink:

Save as the SketchUp(.skp) file back the prior version. This is an independent program for Windows and MacOsX.

indeed indeed :slight_smile:

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I tried the Mac version of the s4u application, and it worked well when converting files that are later than 23.0. I imagine the Windows version would work too.

Thank you for the recomendation of s4u Save As

Thank you for the clarification (ext vs. prog)

I have tried two files so far, and yes, it does indeed work in Windows - thanks