I've lost the option to open in 2021?

Hello All.
I installed the 2022 version of SketchUp without checking to see if Enscape had updated yet. They had not. This wouldn’t be an issue except that after uninstalling the 2022 version I’ve lost the ability to right click and open a 2021 file in the 2021 version, 2021 is not an option. shows me 2018,2019 and 2020 versions but not 2021? I can open dwgs in 2021 only by opening the 2021 start page - open file, then folder, then file again.
also when I do an .skp search for a file all the files say they are 2022 versions. Only 2 dwgs where opened / updated to 2022.
I am also concerned that i am not seeing thumbnails as of today. I believe that could be a graphics issue. I will be updating soon with the hope that solves that part of the issue.
Any Help / Thoughts / Solutions would be appreciated. I could have missed something when I uninstalled the 2022 version.

You can still open SU2022 files in SU2021. Try it.

As for thumbnails, did you install SU2022 correctly? That is by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SU2018.

Hello Dave.
Thanks. But any thoughts on why It will not show SU2021 on right click. A double click does get me thru so it’s really not a big issue. But I am curious why that happened.
I uninstalled thru windows uninstaller so maybe that’s an issue with the thumbnails ? Anything specific I should search for ?
The only thing I see SU 2022 related is the license file in C: Program data

What did you uninstall? There’s no reason to uninstall SU2022. You can have both versions installed and even running at the same time

I asked about how you INstalled it, anyway.

The SketchUp file is the same between SU2022 and 2021. Open SketchUp 2021 and then open the file.

ok thanks for your help.
it was an issue when 2022 was installed. everything kept wanting to open in 2022 that’s why I uninstalled it… Seemed weird. and yes I did install that way. Sorry I misread please excuse.
Still curious why SU 2021 doesn’t show up on right click. But sorry I asked.

Nothing to be sorry about. I suppose a developer could explain why SU2021 doesn’t show up after SU2022 has been installed.

If you are going to leave SU2022 uninstalled, cleaning the Registry would likely sort out the problem.

There was a problem with earlier versions where you would get duplicates of the last version that was installed, instead of a new entry for 2020 or 2021. If you look at the open with list, one of the entries will have the new icon. That is likely to be 2021, even if it says it’s 2019 (or some other version).

To open in 2021 for sure, it would be simplest to open SketchUp then open the file from the welcome screen.

No idea where to post this. Lots of things get regular updates… i got sucked into a popup to update? install new version sketchup? i don’t know… lots of clicking and now error You have exceeded your allowed activations. I have 2 laptops… clueless how to fix this…even after hours reading on internet solutions…no idea what to trust or do or believe. anyone? thank you kindly.
just want 2021 back… professor college says 2021… stay with it or i can’t open your files… whatever… just help me get back to 2021. thank you

Also having this issue. I have two computers, the Studio subscription and projects that need to remain in 2021 format in the short term. I haven’t been able to get 2022 to open and now I have to open 2021 in order to launch any of my projects… Frustrating…

i actually found a 1 minute youtube video that solved it. go to trimble login. on left. my products. then included applications… then sketchup pro… then deactivate all licences…
poof. close everything. open. it. now i was able to open the 2022 project on the 2021. program. so i think i’m good now. i’ll just keep 2021 on the Dell and 2022 on the HP laptop. and see if things keep working opening each others. surprised though the 2021 DID, Yes open the 2022 project. You have exceeded your allowed activations (SketchUp Error) - YouTube

Hey Colin. Just wanted to say thanks for the response. Satisfied my curiosity. It is showing as 2019.

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