Uninstalling older version of Sketchup

Got into a bit of a pickle somehow. For some reason, I have SU 21 & SU 22 both on my computer simultaneously. After making an (unsuccessful) stab at installing V-Ray, all of my existing files switched back to opening in SU 21. Tried just uninstalling it but it won’t let me as it says I have a newer version of SU install on my computer. Any ideas without uninstalling both programs and reinstalling?

It may be quickest just to uninstall 2022, then reinstall it.

That should reset Windows to open .skp files in SU2022.

Or you can manually reset the file associations in Windows Explorer.

BTW, your profile says you are still using SU2019.

Please update it if that is no longer your normal working version.

Yes, probably the quickest solution to just uninstall and reinstall. Thanks John, will update profile.

If you want to get rid of Sketchup 2021 you have to uninstall version 2022 first, because of a bug in the 2021 installer that was discovered only after version 2022 was released.