Sketchup keeps using older version to open files instead of latest version

Ive downloaded latest version of 2023, but computer keeps using 2022 and sometimes older to open files.
Should I delete the older viersion(s) so it only recognizes latest version?

the registry settings are still pointinng to the older version. such is the case when you allow side-by-side installation of different versions… you can try to right click on a skp file and set “open with” to the newer version, but most times i go into the registry to remove the skpfile settings pointing to the older version.

You can keep SU 2023 installed, and follow this instructions:

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The OP is using Mac OS. The procedure is as follow:

1 - Rigth click on any skp file and choose get info.

2 - About midpoint in the window that will pop-up, you will ses always open with followed by the name of the version of SketchUp that is associated with skp files. This name is followed by an arrow to allow you to open a pull down list.

3 - Click the arrow to open the pull down list then choose the version of SketchUp that you want to associate with skp files.


Navigate to any .skp file, right click on it and select Get Info. In the window that opens, find the “Open with” tab. Choose SketchUp 23 form the list, if it’s not there go to the bottom select other and navigate to SketchUp 23 in your applications folder. Then at the bottom of the “open with” tab click the “change all” button. Now the system will open all .skp files with SU23.