How to stop old versions from opening files

Open old file using current version. Go to open again, work the file, go to save, and get warning that this has been saved in a newer version, and your model may not be saved accurately. Ya, I know. So why did it open in an old version? I haven’t consciously asked it to open in years, as there’ no point, based on all the above, which I’m well aware of. Furthermore, if it’s already been saved, by me, in the newer version, why in the world does the old version keep opening it?
Tried G search and only see related content for 2016, so naturally, it’s of no help. Tried to get into windows to set default programs, but as of the latest offerings for windows, sketchup simply doesn’t show on the list, when prompted to show all programs to set defaults for.

Any ideas, as of August, 2023, how one can resolve this issue?

Okay - found my way to set default app by file type, so looking up the .skp extension. All good and well, but it simply states “Sketchup app”, in other words, no definition of which version.


A file is saved in a certain version it was worked in at the time you saved it.

The SU software is warning you the file was last saved as an old version and that you are going to open with your current version of Sketchup software. if you save the file in the current software, it will be rewritten in the current version and you will no longer be able to open it with an older version of Sketchup.

Yes, as stated above, I know.

I have just determined that even my newest files are getting cracked open by 2021 instead of 2022. They were never opened nor initially generated with the old version.

Again, I ask, how do I stop it from taking files, saved in current version, and opening with an old version? One would think you have to dig quite deep into windows to override my current, licensed copy, and open with an old version, yet here I sit.

Just tried going into managing my subscription. No options there either. Just looks like Sketchup 2022 is what I’m licensed for and using.

Do I need to do a deep dive into the hard drive and try to disable the 2021 version?

With everything sketchup closed, find or download a fresh copy of the 2022 Install.exe, select it, right click on it and choose Run as Admin, follow the prompts and select Repair, follow the prompts. Reboot your PC.