Can't open new SketchUp File in Older Version, Can't download new version in XP

Hi there. I am trying to open a newer file version of sketchup here on my work computer, which only has the older version of Sketchup. I can’t download the newer version because I am running Windows XP. Is there any way I can convert my newer version file to the older version?

Or can someone with the newer version of SketchUp convert my file for me and send it back to me so I can open it here on the older version??

Here’s a link to the file.

Can anyone help?? Please?

Which version of SU do you have on the XP? Anyone with the newer version can open the file then save down to an older version (maybe SU 8 which I have on XP). Then you can open.

I believe Its SketchUp 8, whatever version came right before the current one.

Since SketchUp 8 we have released SketchUp 2013, 2014 and now recently 2015.

This page list compatibility and requirements of SketchUp:

In order to save a SKP to use with older version you can use the Save As feature which allow you pick a SketchUp version number. However, you must do that from a newer SketchUp version which is able to open the SKP file you have.

I can’t download any new version of sketchup on this computer. It is a windows XP and isn’t supported anymore. I am asking if someone with a newer version of sketchup can open my file, and save it as an older file type and send it back to me so I am able to open it on this computer.


Is that still possible given the file is a 2015, 64 bit app, and going back to say SU 8 is a 32 bit app?

Skp is probably meant as the file format which depends only on the major version of the used software (8, 2013, 2014, 2015), but does not depend on operating system or processor architecture (32bit, 64bit).

Another workflow for down-saving a 2015 .skp file to an older version could be to upload it to 3D Warehouse (maybe private). If I’m not mistaken 3D Warehouse converts uploaded files to different skp versions.

it uploading…
ask whoever is supplying the skps to use save v8 before they send…

Yes, whether you have 32 or 64bit SketchUp, when you down-save to previous versions they will work regardless of bitness. You’re also able to share SKP files between SU2015 32bit-64bit.

Has anyone actually answered your question because I am having the same problem.? Have you found a solution?

This fix works. Upload it to the sketchup warehouse, and they will set you up with a choice of files to download, one of which is sketchup 8 compatible.

I was also having this problem of how to download models from 3D Warehouse running Windows XP and SketchUp version 8. This is how I resolved the problem.

In 3D warehouse window showing the model tiles, click on the model image itself rather than the download icon in the lower right of the tile. A larger view of the model will open. Left click the large red download button in the upper right corner and a drop down menu will give you the option to download the model in whichever version you require (versions 15, 14, 13, and 8).
Save the file to a folder on your local drive then either:
open the file in a separate SketchUp window, cut and paste the model in to where you want it,
or drag and drop from file folder into SketchUp drawing window.

Hey Horstgraben! Just wanted to say thanks for posting that. Your solution saved me from a trip back to the office. Cheers!

3D Warehouse no more offers sketchup 8 version files. So the problem lasts. What to do? Is the format so different, that even models created in 8 version and later converted by 3D warehouse to newer format cannot be open in Sketchup version 8? I tried to change file version number in file by binary editor, but SU refused to open it with message “unexpected file format”…

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