Open Newer version files in older version of sketchup

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I have SketchUp 2018 and will like to open files in newer versions. What are the possibilities in receiving an updated version of it?

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You could upgrade to 2020, at a cost.

You can upload the file(s) to 3D Warehouse and download them as 2018 files.

You could run a Windows Virtual Machine, install SU2018, and use the Windows-only plugin Open Earlier Versions by Eneroth3. (Not sure of exact plugin title).

An updated version of what?

John has given you three options that would work. Updating to 2020 would be best for gaining access to current features.

4th option, insert in the web version and download the version you need.

Slight variation of this too, upload to Trimble Connect, then edit in SketchUp, and download. Has the advantage of keeping the original model layout, instead of inserting the model as a component.

Aren’t we missing the elephant-in-the-room ?
When you save your model in SketchUp it’s automatically given the current version - e.g. 2018.
This SKP file can be open in any version of SketchUp >= 2018.
If you do a ‘save_as’ you can specify an earlier version for that SKP too.

If your question relates to getting a newer version of SketchUp, then there are several options available - but they are pro after a trial period.
The ‘free’ web-based version is non-commercial.
There’s a ‘make’ non-commercial version 2017 available [‘desktop’] but this seems a regression from where you are with v2018…

Please explain you requirements more exactly and we can advise…
Why do you desire a newer version ?
Are you prepared to pay for it ?

You can also upload a model to 3D Warehouse and download it as a newer/older version.

The Windows only extension John mentioned:

Perhaps another elephant! If what you want is to open files created in later versions of SU using 2018 then Eneroth’s Open Newer Version is worth a look. (download via Sketchucation)

Hi John! Looks like you can help me ! :pray:t3: I gave a Sketch up file made in 2018 version, but when I’m trying to open it with 2021 Pro version it gives me a “Bug Splat” message. Do you know how to avoid that and open a file to edit ?

Sorry, I don’t, but possibly @colin might be able to help.