Saving files to older versions from SU 2022


I have trouble with saving files to SKP2018, since I’m using the new 2022 Pro version. I hit the “save as” command and select the SKP2018 version of file, save it, and than when i look into the destination folder, it shows, that its still “SketchUp Pro 2022” type of file.

My colleague, who was used to view my models in his older paid version of SketchUp, now has to open my models in the SketchUp Web. It can get really frustrating, when the model is complex.

Is there any easy way, to make this work?


it is still going to show it is a sketchup pro 2022 type of file, because that’s the version your computer is going to open the file with, no matter in what version you saved it.
It will give you a warning once opened that it has been created in a previous version, also meaning that your colleague should be able to open it in his 2018 version
remember that you have to “save as” every time, if you do it once, and save again if you updated your model, it will save in 2022 version.

you may want to have a look at eneroth extension here Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse that will simplify the process (it allows you to automatically save as a previous version assigning a shortcut to it - such as ctrl + s)

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thanks for you explanation and this tip fo extension. When I reopen the 2018 file ind SKP2022, i get the message, that you write about. Now I wait for reaction of my colleague, if he was able to open it without any problems.

Have a nice day!

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