Saving SU file 2024 as SU 2020 file

I have just downloaded the new SU 2024 and can’t see where I can save it for someone else to look at in 2020 version. Is this possible?

No. It’s not possible. See:

Mmmm… I thought not. So am I right is saying, unless someone has a paid subscription they can’t open a file created in a newer version.?

via the Ruby console…

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Trimble isn’t supporting it, anyway. There are extensions such as Eneroth Open Newer Version that can open them. So as Paul shows, it’s still possible to open them.

This code worked fine for me in the Rubi Console box, just hit enter and it is in the folder (not created by me, but found in another topic):
m = Sketchup.active_model
m.save_copy(m.path.delete_suffix(‘.skp’)<<“_v2017.skp”, Sketchup::Model::VERSION_2017)