Saving As An Older Version Of Layout, File Cannot Be Opened By The Older Version

I have Sketchup 2022 and wanted to get someone to make some changes to a layout I created. they have Sketchup 2021.
I used the “Save As…” option in layout and chose Layout 2021.
the other person received a message that the file was for version 2022 and could not be opened.
This appears to be true as far back as 2018:

Saving a 2022 LayOut file as a 2021 file, that includes a 2022 SketchUp model, and then in LayOut 2021 trying to Open in SketchUp the model viewport, will show a message saying that the file was created in 2022. It will still open though.

If you save as LayOut 2020 or earlier, and then in the earlier LayOut try to Open in SketchUp the model viewport, the older SketchUp will say the model was made in 2022, and it won’t let you open the file.

I think that they saw the first message, about it being made in 2022, but they did not go on to try opening it anyway.

It would be worth showing the error message they saw, to see if it’s what I think it should have said.

See attached for what the person gets when trying to open the file.

That would mean the file was not saved as a 2021 file. If you save as a 2021 file, then make a change and do a new save, it’s a 2022 file again.

I wish that were true but I did it 3 times because it seemed odd. Twice using 2021 format and the third time using 2019 format.
I am using a 1 month trial version and am wondering if the export capability is blocked for anything other than the same version as the trial.

It shouldn’t make a difference if you’re still in the trial period.

Can you save a new LayOut file as and earlier version, and reply with that saved file/