Backdate to older file/older SU

I am using SketchUp Pro 2019
Version 19.2.222 64 bit

If I follow the directions to backdate to 2017 (for example), this happens:
"1.Open the version of SketchUp " (2019 in my case)
“2. Open the SketchUp File by clicking File>Open”

This opens the window dialog for “Open” and “File name:”
There is no option for “File > Save As…”
Thus there is no “Save as Type” drop down menu, and no way to proceed.

Alternate: I start in SU 2019, with a 2019 file
File> Save As …
File Name: {some unique name}
Save as type: SketchUp Version 2017 (*.skp)
The resulting file is 2019, not 2017. SketchUp is running 2019 19.2.222

These instructions from SU don’t work.
How is it supposed it work?


This pathway is the correct method for back-saving a file to a previous version. How do you know it is not working? Are you trying to open the saved file in Sketchup 17?

FYI, the saved V17 file will still open in Sketchup 19 as all Sketchup files are forward compatible. You will need to File>Open from within Sketchup 17 to get it open there.

“How do you know it is not working?”
There is no V17 file saved / created.

I have access to SU 2019,2018 and 2017, so I can create new files from each version. and I can see when a file is V17, 19 etc.

The instructions do assume you will do additional steps. Take these two as an example:

  1. Open the SketchUp file by clicking File > Open
  2. Click File > Save As… This will open the Save dialog box.

It’s true to say that having selecting File > Open, you have no option to do File > Save As. You would first need to select the file and actually open it. Once the file is opened you can then select File > Save As, and then follow step 4.

To educate myself, is the “Save as…” converted file a V17 file or V19 file with special features, or…?

It is a v17 file.

As a test I added a layer in SketchUp 2019 and gave it a layer style (dashed lines), and saved that to 2017. In 2017 I added another layer, saved, and opened again in 2019. All three layers were back on Default for dashed line style.

Most new features in SketchUp are just to let you create the same geometry you could have done in an older way. Trying a test with dashed lines was an easy way to see what would happen to a new feature when save back to a version before that feature existed.

Eg. Try to downsave a 2019 file with a ‘Saved to model’ Generated report.