Free way to open version 2019 .skp and save as v 2018

I need to open version 2019 .skp files and work on them using my version 2018 Sketchup Pro on my desktop. I am pretty sure there used to be a way to use the free online version of sketchup to open a version 2019 .skp file and Save as… an older version. has no such drop down menu choice when doing Save as…
How can one now convert new version files to older versions?

I found it. You have to use Download… not Save as…

Are you using the web version? The desktop version does indeed offer to Save as… to an older version.

You could also install Eneroth Open Newer Version in SU2018 and use it to open 2019 files.

Or upload to the Warehouse via a web browser and download from there in the version you want.

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