How to open Sketchup documents in an older versions of Sketchup

If you have a Sketchup Document in a newer version of Sketchup and you cannot save the sketchup document in the newer version to an older version of sketchup because you don’t have the newer version of sketchup or because of some other reason; then try this method it may work; it have worked for me:

Step 01: Go to the sketchup file you wish to open to the older version and right click on it and click on properties

Step 02: On properties where it says Open with click on Change

Step 03: Navigate to the desktop or folder where the icon of the older version of the sketchup is located click on it and click OK, then click Apply, then close the dialog box by clicking OK

Step 04: Go to the file that is changed to open in an older version of Sketchup and either drag and drop it to the newer version of sketchup; or double click on it to open it; or open it using the open dialog option in the newer version of Sketchup.

This information is totally wrong and will result only in an error message. The only ways a SketchUp document that is, for instance, in the version 2018 format can be opened in version 2017 or older is either to open it in v.2018 and save a copy of it in an older version format (File>Save As…) or to upload it to the 3D Warehouse and download it back in an older version format.

Changing the default application to open .skp files will not convert the files themselves.


Well… That isn’t an option for me because I can’t open the file since my trial expired. I made my file in sketch up pro 2018, and now I want to open it in Sketch up make 2016, how do I do?

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse in your Internet browser and let it convert it to the SU2016 version. Download it into SU2016 from the Warehouse.

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