Conversion to older Sketchup version

Not sure if it’s appropriate to ask here, but could someone please do me a favor and take an skp file I have and save it as an older version (so it could be opened in Sketchup 2018). I used an online converter from STP and now cannot open the resulting file because it was created with a newer version than what I have.
I would greatly appreciate it. (And if this type of request is a real no-no around here, let me know as well, and sorry).
ImageToStl.com_pa-04.skp (3.5 MB)

You could use the extension Open Newer Version from the Extension Warehouse to do this.

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If it is a one-off it is IMO OK to ask for help here.
Here in v. 2017 format.
ImageToStl.com_pa-04-2017.skp (11.4 MB)
The older format produced a larger file.

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Yes. Of course as a one-off it’s no problem but… teach a man to fish…


Didn’t know such thing existed. Thank you, sir.

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Thank you very much.