Converting Skp Files


I am looking for a website that converts Skp files to different “years” (in my case, from a Skp 2020 to a Skp 2017). Does that exist, or must I pass through exporting the model in Sketchup Online and choosing the 2017 version?


If you’re converting newer to older (say ‘21 to’ 17)
File>Save As>SketchUp 2017 (under the drop down)

If it’s older to newer ('17 to '21) then yeah, just use SU Free Web as there’s no online tool as far as I’m aware.

Eneroth’s Open Newer

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That will work for the OP who is on Windows. AFAIK there isn’t an equivalent for Mac users.

Would SketchUp free be able to open and save models as different versions?

Back to SketchUp 2017 yes. According to the OP’s profile they have SketchUp Shop and that would work, too.

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Which they are aware of and specifically mention in the OP.


Yes, as far as you change the wording… :slight_smile:
“open” → “import”
"save " → “Download as .skp”




I suppose I did, partly.

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Ok, thanks for all your answers…
Sorry for not replying earlier, I was at school :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink: !
I’ll try that extension, as I’m on Windows it should be all right.

Look like Eneroth’s extension doesn’t work for me…


I strongly suspect that it is the fact that I am on a school-owned computer which blocks it; if you know french you’ll deduct that the error message speaks about admistrator stuff, that probably means that my school have restricted it.

But still, does anybody know if I am doing anything wrong in using the extension? Thanks!

The extension does use a shell script. Would be interesting to see if you get different results by running SketchUp as admin.

The thing is that I cannot run as admin…

Anyone can right-click, run as admin. I take it you mean you don’t have an admin user and password to type in.

Do you have any IT support who could connect to you in order to do that as a test? If not, sending the model via the web version of SketchUp may be your only choice, unless you have access to a computer that isn’t so locked down.

That’s it.
Yes, I can contact my school technician and ask him to run it as admin, would that solve the problem then ?

I think that it would make the shell script work, and you will be able to open a 2020 file in 2017. But, it’s not a practical long term solution. I don’t know Windows enough to know for sure, but it could be there is a level of ‘Admin’ they can set you up as, so that maybe you can’t install programs, but at least you can run existing programs that need access to shell commands.

Do you mean for the extension ?
Then would it stop working after a while ?

Good idea, but I don’t think they would want to…

If the extension works when your IT person opens SketchUp as admin, it should continue to work until you close SketchUp.

How is it that you have an education system, but you’re not getting the $55 per year Studio subscription?

Our school doesn’t offer Sketchup courses; I purchased my license separately, if that’s what you mean.

Good, thanks!