Convert SketchUp 2017 file to 2016

Hello people. How are you? I was wondering if anyone could send me the 2016 version of this model. Thanks casa reutter.skp (2.0 MB)

Here you reutter.skp (1.9 MB)

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Eneroth has an extension that allows you to open a newer file, you can get the free extension in the extension wharehouse. Not sure why Sketchup doesn’t implement this as standard.

Have you ever tried to open a newer word document in an older version of office, forwards compatibility has never been standard with any software I am aware of.
Prescience isn’t a prerequisite for software developers.

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As far as I can tell, Eneroth’s extension does the same thing as saving a file back to an older format in native sketchup, but without having to have the newer version in which to do so. i.e. while in SU 2019 you can save a file as SU 2017. However to do this you have to have the newer version (2019), her extension saves the file to a legacy format as SU itself would, but without having to have that newer version?
Not sure what goes on under the hood, but I guess if SU can save to legacy formats it must make them compatible to those older versions? It seems that her extension does the same but without having to have the latest version.
As you say there may be some things that don’t play nice going from a newer to an older version but I’ve yet to experience it first hand, but I tend to keep up with the latest version (except for 2019, which I have but only use the layout part)

Also, there would be less of them needed if everyone sticked to the old version…