Please help me convert Sketchup file to older 2016

Hi all,
I would like to ask someone who would be so kind and open 2 skp fileS and save them to older 2016 Sketchup version.
Thank you guys.

But not on Mac. Windows only.

Open the file in the web app of SketchUp and Save As… 2016

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the oldest version I can export is 2017, but thank you for your help, at least I can see whats in the model :slight_smile:

Yes. That’s the oldest version the free web app will export. So that’s not the solution as you’ve marked it.

Upload your files here so someone can convert them for you.

The SketchUp extension Open Newer Version includes 2016, so try from hear, Eneroth Open Newer Version | SketchUp Extension Warehouse. It will have a new Option under the file tab, Open Newer Version, you click that, then find your file you want to open, and yes right upto 2021, then it will ask you to save a 2016 version, and then auto open it.
I hope this works for you

But it only works on Windows. The OP’s profile indicates they are using Mac. So again, no go.

Darn missed that DaveR, sorry.

If you did need to work on the model in 2016, you could export as Collada, then import that into 2016.