Version compatibility issue. Can someone convert the .skp for me?

37 AM

I’m just learning Sketchup and got so frustrated with how laggy Free is on the browser. Either my internet sucks or it is just slow in general. So, I downloaded Sketchup Make hoping that it will be fast running natively on my computer. I have an older and super fast/solid 10.9.5 OSX install so I had to get the older 2016 version of Make. I read here:

That you can convert any version to any version. But as you can see in my first image, it says that I need version 18.0.0 in order to open my file because I only have version

If there isn’t a simple solution, would anyone be willing to open my SKP on their version 18 or newer software to convert like the thread I posted above says to do?

Thanks in advance!

You can do this yourself. Upload the file from SketchUp Free to the 3D Warehouse. Then import it into SketchUp 2016 from the Warehouse. The conversion will be made automatically.

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