SKP file version 19.2.116


I am using Make version 17.3.116 and have tried opening a file someone has sent me and it tells me the version I am running is old and I need 19.2.221.

When I Check for Updates is says I have the latest version.

Can anyone help?

I have tried removing and re-installing but I get the same error.


You have the latest version of Make. The person who is sending you models is using SketchUp Pro 2019. Ask him/her to save them as version 2017 files before sending them to you.

  1. …or upload your file here and ask somebody (e.g. me :wink:) convert it to you.

  2. There is on other possibilities to convert with paid extension: (However I did not tried that…)

  3. If you were using Windows 64 bit there is a free extension to open newer version:

I hadn’t heard of that other extension, but I tried it. The sign up screens are somewhat scary. I would either ask the sender to send you a 2017 file, which they can do, or use Eneroth’s extension:

You can simply use a browser to upload the 19 version to the warehouse and download it again as 17.


Thanks everyone!! :smile:

One note, the Eneroth extension I mentioned is Windows only, so Box’s work around would be better.

@colin didn’t you skipped my post above of yours: 3rd in the list…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or open the file in and download the 2017 version…

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What is it you find scary about it, colin? It didn’t come with a glass of wine as I did in Leeds? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Also, thank you @dezmo for the reference. Now, honestly, my extension is not really aiming for a 1 file downgrade (although you can use it for that), but more for using when you have a whole bunch of files needed in one or multiple versions, all at once.

You’re welcome!
BTW. In the EW it is stated as free:
a little further down the page:

Would you please so kind to correct it! :slight_smile:

As i am not selling it through extension warehouse, i cannot mark it as paid. I only have the option to mark it as free.

Thanks. I see. The new EW is just a [imagine any bad word here].

Well… it is very new, so bugs and malfunctions are allowed.

Not to long though or I will use the option “listing page” and host them somewhere else.