Downloading SU and LO 2016

Do I need SketchUp 2016 for LayOut 2016 to work on a Mac?
Also could someone explain how and where to download 2016 Pro?

Yes. They come together as a package. Download from

Thanks. I keep getting redirected to purchase a new license. Where can I update an existing license?

Did you already buy a license for SU2016? If not, you’ll have to buy a new one or pay the upgrade fee to go from SU2015. The license for an earlier version of SketchUp is only good for that version.

Thanks. Can I save 2015 SU and LO files in 2016? I’m not seeing that as an option when I Save As.

When you click File>Save As… You should be able to change the file type to SU2015 in Save as Type at the bottom of the Save window.

I want to save 2015 files in the 2016 version, but when I save as, I don’t see 2016 as option.
Thanks again.

There’s no need to do that. A newer version will open a file made in an older version just fine. Did you try opening an existing file in SketchUp 2016?

The 2015 files open in 2015 and the 2016 in 2016. I cannot get the 2015 to open in 2016, or maybe I am missing something?

Again, I want to save my old 2015 files in the new 2016 version. Thanks

Open SketchUp 2016. Go to File>Open and select the SKP file you’re interested in and open it. If you want to save it as a 2016 file, hit File>Save.

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