Sketchup 2016 - How to get 2016 Layout?



Sketchup 2017 doesn’t work on my computer. I’d like to use Layout, but it looks like I can only use 2017 layout?

Is there a way to use 2016 layout? I only have Sketchup Make 2016, but I’d be willing to upgrade if I knew I could use layout on my computer.



To get LayOut you need SketchUp Pro. Contact SketchUp Sales and see if they’ll sell you a license for SU2016 Pro. They might since you can’t use SU2017 on your computer. They might not, though. Normally, you can only buy a license for the current version. Only the sales department can tell you if they’d sell you a license for SU2016.


sounds good. Thanks for your reply.

An associated question:

If I upgrade my computer, will my 2016 SU files transfer to 2017 so that I can put the 3D dwgs into 2017 Layout without any problems? I don’t want my 2016 SU 3D dwg to go to waste if I upgrade.


Old SKP files can be opened by newer SU versions so you won’t have a problem.

To be honest, I think upgrading your hardware and OS are your best bet. Get a computer with a decent nVidia GeForce GPU.


Sigh… it never ends : )

Thanks for your help!


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