Help updating Layout 2016 (from 2015)

Hi there! I have updated to Pro sketchup2016 but can not figure out how to also get layout to update? I am not seeing a download for that on the update page. Thank you so much for you help!!!

If you installed SketchUp 2016 Pro then you also got LayOut 2016 automatically. They come together as a single download. When you install SketchUp 2016, LayOut 2016 installs along with it. Look in your applications folder for SketchUp 2016. You should find, and Style

Each SketchUp version installs separately from the other versions you might have on your computer.

Thank you DaveR - so I must have just clicked the Skp app only… and should go back and install both the layout and style builder app. Is that right? thanks so much!

No, that’s not right. When you install SketchUp 2016, all of it installs together. Look at the Help file here: Getting Started with SketchUp | SketchUp Help

Ugh… i am actively using Skp16 … so why would´t Layout also be running in 16? It keeps coming up in 15.

Send a saved SketchUp file from SU2016 to LayOut using File>Send to LayOut. Which version of LayOut opens?

Yeah!!! worked, awesome… Thank you SO SO kindly!!!

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