Cannot find Layout in Sketchup PRO 2020


My company recently upgraded my old sketchup pro license from sketchup 2017 to 2020 as layout was glitching with my older license. When upgrading, I am only able to download Sketchup Pro, and am unable to access Layout. Can anyone shed some light on this? Every webpage I am going to to try to download layout independently refers me back to the same sketchup pro 2020-1 zip file. If i remember correctly with previous versions of pro the zip file would contain a folder with both layout and regular sketchup to drag for download on a desktop. To clarify, we did not upgrade to the cloud subscription service, we only paid the additional fee to upgrade our old license to a newer version of sketchup. Could this be the issue, is layout only accessible with the cloud and not the standalone desktop version of pro??
Thanks in advance for the help.

LayOut is included in the installer for SketchUp 2020. You don’t install it separately. It gets installed automatically. If you haven’t already done so, go to and download the current installer.

Thanks Dave, I downloaded from that link initially. I finally found the problem. Had to find layout on my downloaded applications and drag it to my desktop.

SketchUp and LayOut should install together automatically.

Waaaay back in 2017, the Windows SketchUp installation left a shortcut for Layout on the desktop. It sounds like it does not do that anymore, hence the confusion? (using a mac now)

It should leave a shortcut. It always does for me anyway.

On Mac, unlike on WIndows, the installer does not create shortcuts on the desktop, only in the LaunchPad. If you want shortcuts on the desktop you have to put them there yourself. I prefer to pin them to the Dock, but that’s individual working style.