LayOut version 2018 Pro doesn't work anymore

My layout doesn’t work anymore. Can somebody help me?
I bought Sketchup Pro 2018 last year. My sketchup works, but my layout doesn’t. I don’t know how to, and where I can download a new layout version 2018.

You can download SketchUp Pro 2018 from here.

There are no separated installer for Layout only. The installer file contains both SketchUp and Layout.
Right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. Repair the installation.

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Can I sign in with my license then? Or is it a trial again that I wil download. My MacBook asked: to replace this file to my sketchup 2018 version.

I’m not sure how it is on Mac (I’m Windows user), but you should be able to use your existing licence.

But do you think that I wil delete the ‘old’ version of 2018 and download a ‘new’ version of 2018?

Sorry I didn’t say thank you for your hulp!!

On windows when you reinstall (Repair the installation.) you don’t need to delete the old version with the same main number. It should be similar on Mac.
But as I told , I’m not sure about the Mac… I have no experience on it.

You’re welcome!

That would indicate that you might have a 2019 version license, as well (If you bought a classic license, you bought it with one year Maintenance included)

Have your 2018 license resend here:

If you are entitled for a 2019, simply replace the first ‘T’ with ‘U’
Each release has it’s own license info.

Check how to add a classic license in version 2019 here:

Thank you, I will try it.

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