Where can I download Sketchup Pro 2018?

I have a license for Sketchup Pro 2018, but I can’t find it to download anywhere on the Sketchup site. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Normally they only supply the three latest versions of SketchUp so 2018 has dropped off the list. It might be that @colin would send you a link to 2018 but if you were up to date with your M&S, you might be entitled to SU2019.

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Alas, your last license under support is 2018. I will make what Dave said come true.

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can you please send it to me too i have the same issue

Hi Colin, I have the same issue as the hard drive on my computer failed and now I need to reinstall SU on my new hard drive. Can you send me the link to SU Pro 2018 as well? Many thanks.

@colin Please can I also get a link to the Pro 2018. Package

@colin, I seem to have the same issue. I got a license for sketchup 2018 pro but I am not able to find the download link anywhere.

I am having the same issues. Would you send me the 2018 download also. Thanks

@colin and everyone in the feed too. I’m new to this forum. I reached out to Sketchup Customer Service to see where I could download the 2018 version. Funny how the website has 2021, 2020, 2019, 2017 and lower, skips 2018. I just built a new a new PC computer and would like to have this version to start on my computer before I sign up for the monthly membership. Can you guys help? Really appreciate it.

There’s a reason for that.

Trimble/SU usually support the current and two previous versions - so that’s now 2021, 2020 and 2019. But for historical reasons, v2017 was the last desktop version to be available as SketchUp Make - free for personal, non-commercial use, and widely used (and downloaded) still by personal users. So they’ve left that version available, but 2018 is now three years old, so dropped under the ‘two previous versions’ rule.

I see @john_mcclenahan Is there anyone in this forum or elsewhere that you know of that has the downloadable version of Sketchup Pro 2018? Originally it was a 2015 license that I updated yearly until 2018. Sadly now I can’t load it on to my computer and have paid for it. Seems so silly.

An easy search of the forum would turn up the link. You’d better keep a copy of the installer. You never know when this resource won’t be available.

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Herr Grunt was there before @last and will probably be there after Trimble…

Hello I gave the same issue
Did you succeed to get the 2018 version (Sketchup pro)?

Read the thread.

I am new on this forum.
The customer service told me to request the link for Sketchup pro 2018 here.
My computer is " dead" and I need to reinstall it on a new one (Windows10)
Thank you for your help

Hi @DaveR thank you for this insight. New to the platform. This is super helpful. I will try with my PC this week.

Having same problem. Can not find Sketch up 2018 and have Licence for that.
Kindly suggest. Thanks

If you read through this thread you would see I posted a link to one of the other threads where there is a link to SU2018.

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I have the same issue… cannot find the download for the 2018 pro version. I have a license for it and have to download it to my new computer. Please advice! All I could find is 2017. Thanks