Where can I download Sketchup Pro 2018?

Read my post immediately before yours.

Hello Everyone, sorry to sound like a sap. But after my daughter confiscated my laptop I am trying to install 2018 pro on my imac only to conveniently find I cannot download it from the site. Really horrible and uneccessarily complicated. Anyways, I saw mention of sending a download or a link and was hoping someone would be kind enough to share with me as well. Peace and love to all.

Read my post third up from yours. I provided the link to SketchUp 2018.

You just saved my bacon :slight_smile: Mac died and I had to reinstall everything on the new laptop. Couldn’t find SU2018 anywhere! Thank You!!! (and ■■■■ Trimble for making it so hard to re-install purchased, legit, software)

Don’t you use a backup system? Especially on a a Mac and when Timemachine installed, it’s fairly easy to migrate from an old or lost machine.
Sooner or later, hardware will fail.

From a business point of view, they want endusers to come along and pay and use the ‘latest and greatest’ so that’s why they probably only have the last three available.(and, for some reason, Make 2017 which can convert into Pro when activated with a valid license)

A download link in the email sent through the license checker would be nice, but I would not count on that to happen, for they are switching to subscription.

You could convert your 2018 license into a subscription for one or two years with a discount and keep the 2018.
Theoretically, it would be ‘Your Product’ and could popup in your AMP with a download link.

Better make a hard copy of the software while you can.

Hello everyone
I managed to download the 2018 version by going to the page to download older versions:

But you’d notice the 2018 version isnt there.

So I just copied the link for the 2019 version and renamed 2019 to 2018 and it worked!

The link for Windows is this: https://www.sketchup.com/sketchup/2018/SketchUpPro-en-exe

So if you need the MacOS version, you might be able to do the same (I havent tried).