I can't use LayOut in my pro trial version even though it's included

Hi there,

I’m new to sketch up and 3D modeling.
I’m actually using the trial version of SU pro which should contain LayOut as well but both the icon on the tool bar and the access through “files” are grey.
Do I need to re-download everything or is there a way to download only a trial version only?

Thanks for your help!


You should have full access to all features of both SketchUp and LayOut during the trial period. Try reinstalling SketchUp/LayOut.

How did you install? What version of macOS are you running (your forum profile doesn’t say)?

SU 2020 uses a new installer on Mac. You have to open the dmg and then double-click the package in the window opened by the dmg. The installation process takes a lot longer than for previous versions, but when it completes both SketchUp and LayOut should be runnable.

I’ve just reinstalled it and it seems to be available now!