Layout vs Sketchup

Hi I just bought/downloaded/installed sketchuppro on my Macbook Pro but the app is called “Layout”. Is it normal or did I not install it correctly?

You should have both SketchUp and LayOut. They both come together as part of the SketchUp Pro download.

Did you install correctly? That involves double clicking on the downloaded .dmg file and then dragging the SketchUp App to the Applications folder.

Does Sketchup offer a version that will work with Mac’s Monterey yet, if not now, then when can we expect it?

some folks are using SU2021 on Monterey now. As for a version that will explicitly support Monterey, I expect it’s in the works. As far as when, we won’t know until it happens. The folks who do know aren’t permitted to disclose that information.

Your profile says you are using Sketchup 2014. For certain that version doesn’t support Monerey. It might work but there’s no official support for it.

I purchased the current copy of Sketchup Pro but was unable to use it. I would like very much to purchase it again when it will work on Monterey

How will I know when it is available?

But you can use SU2014? Did you install 2021 correctly? what happened when you opened it?

I guess watch this forum or check the site periodically. When they do release it they will be announcing it.

First I could not open it, but once I got it opened I could not save the file or open any prior file. I am using the older copy of Sketchup on a old laptop PC

As i say, others have used SketchUp 2021 on Monterey. Make sure you installed it correctly. Otherwise, patience is the key word.