Layout option not available -Make version

can someone help me!? i use the sketchup layout version at school and i have the same program downloaded at home on my laptop (using right now) but for some reason it wont let me use the Layout version of the program. the message that pops up says “Sorry, this instance of Sketchup Pro is not licensed.” i am so confused.

LayOut is part of the SketchUp Pro package. If you have SketchUp Make at home, you won’t be able to use LayOut. Your school likely has an education license for SU Pro so LayOut would be available.

If you downloaded and installed SU Make at home, it installs a 30-day trial version of SU Pro, which reverts to Make after the trial period expires.

To use LayOut after the free trial period, you need a Pro licence.

SketchUp keeps reminding me on social media there is educational pricing for SU Pro. Check into that here.

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