Can't use LayOut in SketchUp Make?


I have now read several threads concerning the issue of starting with a trial version of Pro and then expecting to move to Maker automatically, but now receiving an error.

I now find myself in the group of frustrated users… (lots of work made but no longer access…!!!))

I downloaded 2015 Pro - got the 30 days trail and now it no longer works. I uninstalled again and install Maker X64 (running Win 7 Pro, 64 bit - Using Chrome Version 41.0.2272.118 m) and now only sketchup works, but not layout.

When trying to open Layout, I get the following message:
Sorry, this instance of SketchUp Pro is not licensed.

How do I fix that one???

How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?
How to use SketchUp Make 2015 after Pro Trial expires?

@lcmogensen LayOut is a part of SketchUp Pro and it will require a license after the 30-day trial.


@bugra Any way I can convert my Layout files to sketchup instead?


Add on comment:
When I install Sketchup Make I also get Layout, so if it is only a part of Pro, then please don’t include it in the Make version which we download from your site. It is a waste of installation affecting our computers.


Have you uninstalled the PRO version before you installed the Make version? Moreover, you don’t need to download the PRO version to get the 30 days trial period (and because of this, Layout must be included).