Sketchup Pro Trial License Question

I recently started using the downloaded version of Sketchup Make. (When I downloaded it, I was careful to select the download for the 64-bit Windows Make version, not the Pro trial.) However, I noticed that when I click the License Info in the Help menu, it says “SketchUp Make 2017 (Pro Trial)”. It also says the Pro Trial ends on 12/26. Will I have trouble after the Pro Trial expires? Will it automatically revert to the Make version? Or will I be able to uninstall and reinstall it if necessary?

BTW, I don’t know if it is relevant, and I did not check the license status earlier, but what prompted me to check the license in the first place was that I accidentally clicked on Layout in the Start menu. (I was inaccurate in clicking the mouse, meaning just to run Sketchup.) When it started, I noticed that it said something like “Pro Trial Version”. I quit Layout and then went back to Sketchup, and thought I should check the license.

Or is this the normal behavior when you install Make (starting as a free trial of Pro, then reverting to Make after it expires), and I am worrying unnecessarily?

I just use Sketchup for my own, non-commercial projects around my house, so I did not think I need the pro version.

exactly, at least if the Make version installed.

Ah, that’s good. I was afraid that starting Layout (the pro trial of it) switched the whole thing, including Sketchup, to a pro trial.

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