What Happens with the Free Version

After we install the free version of SketchUp it looks like they give us the PRO version for 30 days and then it expires and we only have access to the free features.

What happens after 30 days?
Do we get notices after that?

Any insight would be good because we want to keep going with the free version only.

I would also like clarity on this. Will the sketchup pro trial turn into sketchup make once the trial expires?
Or do you need to download sketchup make as a separate program?

Your license will simply shift to SketchUp Make and you will be able to use it without interruption. You won’t have to reinstall anything or make any changes to your license unless you would like to upgrade to Pro.

To be 100% clear, the answer depends on whether you downloaded Make or Pro, which is governed by how you answered the questions when getting the download. Both start with s free trial period of Pro. But at the end of the trial, Make drops the extra Pro features whereas Pro refuses to run unless you purchase a license.


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