Which version of sketchup should I use? Website is not explanatory


I am new to sketchup and I can’t figure out which version I should be using. There is nothing on the website that explains the difference between free, pro and make versions, at least not that I can easily find.

Is there a features comparisons page on the website?

I am just asked if I am using it for professional, personal or educational… what if I don’t know yet?

I am told that the 30 day trail of the pro version will revert to the make version… what exactly does that mean? What functionality will I lose?

“If you choose to download SketchUp Make for a Trial Period, you will also be given access to SketchUp Pro functionality for the Trial Period for your evaluation purposes. Upon expiration of the Trial Period, the Software will automatically revert to SketchUp Make functionality only and the additional SketchUp Pro functionality will become inoperable.”



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