What does it mean: "Pro evaluation time remaining"

I can not find clear information what is the difference between Make and Pro. I downloaded and installed Make. I read in some yours 2013 blog that Make is the same as Pro but for non-commercial work. BUT this phrase in subject assumes that there’re some special Pro features which will be disabled (in actually 19 minutes, I think it total I used SketchUp for about 3 hours). Please clarify.

Sketchup Make is a free version of Sketchup. But it lacks of Solid tool, Layout and Importing Vector files. When you download SketchUp Make, it starts as an 8-hour trial of SketchUp Pro. When that eight hours of use is up, it reverts back to SketchUp Make. If you’re familiar with SketchUp, it’s a good opportunity to take a look at the enhanced features (make sure you don’t leave the program open when you go to lunch). If you’re just starting out, sticking with the free version while you learn lets you see if SketchUp will work for you without any expense. SketchUp Pro pays all the bills for the team, so you can’t blame them for offering this up at the start.

Read more about the difference in Sketchup Make and Pro Here.

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Thank you very much. I am building small model for 3d printing, and need to be sure that at the final stages I will not get disabled to make design a reality.

What is working support/help model? I posted some questions a day or two ago here on the forum site, and I feel people took my comments as personal offence… I may need in answering some very precise but basic questions.

For example

  • can I create script which will draw rather than draw by hand (so that I modify script and let tool draw “from scratch” instead of modifying already drawn model)?
  • can I setup shapes in command-lie mode, e.g. entering “circle [10;5] 48s 30d”?
  • when I draw and pull rectangle, it appears “empty” - how to ensure that it will be filled with material - in solid or cellular way?

All these questions appear on the way I draw what I need, and for later stages (which final is 3d printing itself).