Feature compare Pro vs Make

The Pro Trial period within Sketchup Make will be expiring for me soon. I’m trying to get a good understanding of what functionality i will loose. Is there a simple feature comparison available for Pro vs Make ? I searched the sketchup.com site and could not find one.

At one time there was a comprehensive comparison matrix.
Unfortunately is was pulled down for some inexplicable reason.

These (out of date) pages may help.

• Features of Trimble SketchUp Pro 2013

• Features of Trimble SketchUp Make

Another link:



Thank you George very much for the personal reply.
The links you provided were very helpful, and helped answer
nearly all of my questions.

You’re welcome… :kissing_heart:

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A little late to this game, but still playing. In case anyone wants to see the cool matrix outlining the differences between SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro it’s here: http://help.sketchup.com/en/content/sketchup-make-and-sketchup-pro (we didn’t take it down, we just re-organized the Help Center at help.sketchup.com)

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Sorry about my ignorance: I’m not a domain expert.
I would like only draw the walls of my future house and see how the furniture (wow ! a lot is available: Maisons du Monde, IKEA, …) fits in it.
Apart that I need only few features:

  1. recolor
  2. resize
    the furniture.
    Is the “Make” version able to do that ?


It can.

This is exactly what MAKE is intended for!

Thanks a lot. :grinning: