Difference between Pro and Make?

I have just learned that there are two versions of SketchUp. SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make. What is basically the difference…?

I saw this list, but if someone would like to explain in a much more short, simple and basic way I would appreciate that.

The Why go Pro link don’t seem to work.

If I understand this correctly I can not change components in Make? Can’t make a furniture bigger/smaller, change color etc? But I can do so in the free one I downloaded.

Have a look here.


Why go Pro?

Make Pro 2013

[no] [yes] Import CAD files
[no] [yes] Export CAD and PDF files
[no] [yes] Create multi-page presentations
[no] [yes] Produce construction drawings
[no] [yes] Print drawings to scale
[no] [yes] Export scene-based video of any size
[no] [yes] Add custom attributes and behaviors
[no] [yes] Generate lists and reports
[no] [yes] Use solid modeling tools
[no] [yes] Make hand-drawn rendering styles
[no] [yes] Present files as full-screen presentations
[no] [yes] Work with simulated film cameras
[no] [yes] Access email technical support for one year
[no] [yes] Receive free upgrades for one year
[no] [yes] Licensed for commercial use
[no] [yes] 2D file import: DWG and DXF
[no] [yes] 3D file import: DWG, DXF, DEM, 3DS, DAE and KMZ

  • DEM, 3DS, DAE and KMZ are the only 3D import formats available in SketchUp Make
    [no] [yes] 2D file export: DWG, DXF, EPS, EPIX and PDF
    [no] [yes] 3D file export: DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, FBX, XSI, VRML, DAE and KMZ
    [no] [yes] LayOut file export: PDF, DXF, DWG, JPG, PNG and TIFF
  • DAE and KMZ are the only 3D export formats available in SketchUp Make

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut for creating 2D presentation sets:
• Choose a paper size and insert multiple SketchUp model views.
• Add photographs, images, paragraph text, notes, labels and even dimensions.
• Use powerful but simple illustration tools to create custom 2D vector graphics.
• Your SketchUp model and your LayOut document are synchronized; model changes are reflected everywhere in your paper document.
• Give full-screen, slide-type presentations with embedded 3D models you can zoom, pan and orbit.
• Print colorful presentation sets at any paper size.Export to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, DXF and DWG.

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut for producing detailed construction documents:
• Choose a standard paper size or specify a custom one.
• Create title blocks, page numbers and other drawing elements.
• Embed SketchUp model views and give each a specific drawing scale.Adjust line weights and rendering modes (raster, vector or hybrid).
• Keep models and drawings synchronized automatically.
• Add dimensions, callouts, material hatches, notes, symbols and other graphics.
• Print documents to scale.
• Export to DXF, DWG, PDF, and several raster formats.

LayOut in SketchUp Pro provides an easy way to print model views to scale:
• Choose high-resolution raster rendering for views with lots of color, textures and shadows.
• Choose smooth vector rendering for views with precise linework and crisp detail.
• Choose hybrid rendering to combine the best aspects of raster and vector modes.
• Print any sheet size, including large-format paper.
• Print documents with multiple pages.
• Print multiple SketchUp model views on the same page.
• Scale models to paper space quickly and easily.

SketchUp Pro lets you specify any pixel dimensions for exported videos. You can export movies as AVI, MP4, and WEBM files. You can export keyframes as JPG, PNG and TIFF files.

Dynamic Components in SketchUp Pro allow you to:
• Quickly add and configure model attributes.
• Automate routine modeling tasks.
• Scale objects without distorting them.
• Interact with components to trigger custom animations.
• Assign data attributes to models for advanced reporting.

With SketchUp Pro, you can leverage the attributes and metadata associated with the geometry in your model to generate lists and reports in XML and CSV formats.

The Solid Tools in SketchUp Pro provide the ability to do additive and subtractive modeling operations on groups and components in your model: Union, Intersect, Subtract, Trim and Split.

SketchUp Pro includes Style Builder for authoring custom SketchUp Styles:
• Convert hand-drawn strokes in any medium into SketchUp display styles.
• Create styles that are completely unique.
• Make your models and drawings a part of your visual brand.

LayOut in SketchUp Pro is a full-featured application for turning your 3D models into 2D documents and presentations. It includes a full-screen presentation mode that lets you flip through the pages of your document like a slide show. You can navigate around inside your model views while you’re presenting, and even play animations based on the scenes in your model.

SketchUp Pro includes Advanced Camera Tools for Film and TV design professionals:
• Place cameras in your model and look through them to preview your shots.
• Choose from dozens of pre-configured camera types, or create your own.
• Set the Focal Length of any camera to simulate a large number of physical lenses.
• Look through your ACT cameras to preview Aspect Ratio and Safe Zones for the shots you’re planning.
• Position and aim cameras using familiar moves like Pan, Tilt, Roll, Dolly, Truck and Pedestal.
• Toggle on and off all of your ACT cameras’ frustums to clearly see what is—and isn’t— visible in your shots.

Use SketchUp Pro for anything you like, including professional projects and other commercial applications.[/quote]


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