Please Compare SketchUp Make to SketchUp Shop

SketchUp Shop appears to be the only paid version within my price range, so I’m here to learn more. I’m using SketchUp Make now, so comparisons to that version will be the most helpful.

I get the impression from the following page that a key advantage of shop is more import/export formats. And/or, I basically don’t understand the other features.

Is Shop supposed to be the middle ground between Free and Pro?

Shop provides more import/export options than Make, It has some additional tools such as the Solid Tools, being browser based it will run on devices that Make won’t run on. Although there’s no provision yet for the use of Extensions, the main modeling tools are all there. And SketchUp Shop allows the user to use SketchUp for more than just hobbyist stuff. The license for SketchUp Make prohibits commercial use of any sort.

Ah, I get it. I can see that difference would be important to some folks. Thanks for the explanation.