SketchUp Free vs SketchUp Shop

I bought a subscription to SketchUp Shop today, after seeing that it’s slightly different from SketchUp Free. As far as I can tell, I can customize textures and styles in Shop. But when I try to launch Shop, what appears is Free. Was I misled? Are Shop and Free actually the same? Or am I doing something wrong?

The UI is mostly the same, but features such as solid tools are enabled in shop.

And Free is not licensed for commercial use, whereas Shop is.

I believe that Shop (very recently) also includes Outliner, which Free does not.

You’re both correct. Shop has Solid Tools and it’s for personal use. But here’s my problem. When I select Styles and click the icon to customize styles, I get a pop-up saying that I have to upgrade to do that. But I’ve already upgraded. Or so I thought. What gives? As far as can tell, Shop is just as limited as Free when it comes to customizing materials and styles, as well as being able to set dimensions for inches only, not feet and inches.

Same with Solid Tools. The icons are there, but when I try to use one, I get the Upgrade popup. What do I have to do to launch SketchUp Shop, not Free?

Sounds like you need to sign out, clear your caches, and sign in again.

Clearing the cache did it. Thanks, as always, Dave. One of these days, I’ll learn to try that without being prompted.

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BTW, you should also get the ability to print to scale on paper or pdf, which Free does not.

By comparison, SketchUp for Schools does print to scale, but doesn’t seem to have the Outliner. I find that puzzling.

Good points. Thanks.