Sketchup Shop vs Sketchup Freemium

I have just purchased a license for Sketchup Shop and as far as I can tell, it is no different than Sketchup “Freemium” - both seem to have the same tool set and seb-based user interface. If so, not sure why I needed to buy Sketchup Shop in the first place. Have not been able to find any description on the differences between the two. Have sent Trimble a couple of notes through their “Contact Us” feature on their website but have not heard anything back yet. Am wondering if I have missed something in the registration process for Sketchup Shop. Is there any difference in the tool set between these two Sketchup products?

SketchUp Shop includes some additional tools and features like the Solid Tools and options to edit styles and materials. It also includes additional import and export options for things like CAD files. And Sketchup Shop provides you with a license to use it commercially which would be important if you would be using it for your work.

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am really looking for a “Camera” tool that will permit me to work in 2D parellel projection for floor plans, but I don’t see any icon for that in the tool set. I know it is there for the Pro version (that is where I saw it on the trial version), but it doesn’s seem to be available on the Shop version. Again, I wonder if my product is registrered properly with Trimble.

It’s there under Scenes on the right side.
Screenshot - 9_14_2020 , 10_18_10 AM

You could also click on the Search tool on the left and start typing Parallel.
Screenshot - 9_14_2020 , 10_16_31 AM

The search tool is particularly important in the Web versions because the GUI is completely rearranged from the desktop version, which is what is shown in most existing tutorials. Search is the quickest way to find where a feature has been “hidden” in the Web version, or to confirm that it isn’t available.

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