Sketchup shop doesn't give me a full year

My subscription is not for a full year.
I just purchased id 3/22/22. Renewal is set at 1/23. That is not a full year.

There is no menu bare at the top like the free version.
This software is unusable.
Why isn’t the paid version as good as the free one???

The online version has a different menu structure than the desktop version, but all the functions are there.

This shows some of the differences between the desktop and web versions:

The tools are all there, but in different locations. Try clicking the magnifier icon, and search for whatever feature you’re looking for.

I see your subscription as being ongoing. It is due to renew in 12 months from now.


No, my renewal date is said to be 1/2023. That is about nine months from now.

There is no menu across the top like in the free version. Why would Sketchup make the paid version harder to use???

It’s not harder to use. It’s just a different user interface than the desktop version because it runs in a web browser. If you insist on having menus across the top, use SketchUp Pro instead of SketchUp Shop.

See the video in the link posted by @colin

I cannot justify the price to get a program that works like the free version.
I should not have to pay for and expensive version to get it to work as good as
the free version.

As a hobbyist then you can still use SketchUp 2017 Make. It has menus across the top.

The Shop version works well. You’d see that if you actually took the time to try it. You’ve complained about missing menus but what features are you really missing?

I don’t believe the poster is understanding that the Free web version and web Shop are one format while the Old free desktop version 2017 and earlier and the current Pro desktop version are a different format.

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can you post a screenshot.

I have spent considerable time with SU shop. Again, I had more features in the free version. Some of the features like follow me are capricious and only work serendipitously. I had hoped I could actually use this program for building cabinets for my home. I may have to go back to grid paper. I designed my entire Beach Victorian house on grid paper and 3d sketching. I was looking forward to this as an improvement

Can you share an example in which follow me works differently in SU Shop than in SU Make? They are supposed to be the same, so it would be valuable to the developers to see an instance of a real, reproducible issue.

In all versions the sequence of selecting the tool and clicking profile and path matters and should show the same results.

There is a standard 14 day period where you can ask for a refund without needing to give a reason. It’s about 19 days since you bought the Shop subscription, but you could still contact support to ask for a refund. Explain that you were asking questions in the forum, but are still not able to make the application work in the way you would like. I think that support would extend the refund period for you. It’s worth a try.

Use this form if you want to try that:

I cannot submit a request for refund as there is no serial number available
Sketchup Shop Web version that I can see.
How can I get through to these people?

Use the form I gave:

The serial number field is optional, and would be used by people with an old desktop classic license.

It does not work as well as the free version.

You keep repeating that but you never describe what doesn’t work as well in Shop. I find it works just fine when I need to use it.

As a hobbyist, why did you move away from 2017 Make in the first place? You keep writing that it worked just fine for you.