SketchUp Free vs Subscription

Hello! Does anyone know if SketchUp Free going to be free when the subscription kicks in in November? Thanks.

The Subscription licenses have been around already. They aren’t just kicking in in November. I think if they were going to be discontinuing SketchUp Free they would announce it but currently the Subscription thing has nothing to do with the status of SketchUp Free. As a hobbyist using SketchUp you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

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Subscription pricing is for the Pro (or Shop) editions of SketchUp only. SketchUp Free is a separate product for a different user group.

Thank you both! Yes, I just started using it a few months ago and might get to a pro level but right now the free version is enough.

You may find if you are only using it for your hobby that it is enough. Of course if you use it in someway for your work, you would need to go to the Subscription.

Thanks Dave. I would be using it for work but only for rough sketches and only as needed. I am new in interior design professionally and usually do everything in 2D (photoshop), however a client asked about 3D and I used SketchUp in class a few months ago but never professionally yet. Why do you say “I would need to”? Is this a requirement?

Yes. It is a requirement if you are using it for your work. That would be commercial use and that requires an appropriate license. You would need to be using either SketchUp Shop or SketchUp Pro for that. Using the free versions violates the terms of use that you agreed to when you started using it.


Have been using the 30 day trial mostly to edit 3D Warehouse objects then export them as KMZ files to import into my CAD program, but my trial expired yesterday. I wasn’t concerned because I could continue to use the free version but after uploading a local file, opening it and editing it just fine, I couldn’t export it without paying. Why would they do this?

Why would you expect to be able to do this for free? You need to have an appropriate license to use SketchUp for your work.

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No need to get snippy with me. I used the free version many years ago without issue as far as exporting files. That’s changed now so it’s why I’m looking for other programs.

I’m not getting snippy with you. To get the features you want you need to have the correct license. That’s not available for free.

Is there a special subscription price for students, does anyone know?

Yes, if you’re a teacher or student you can get the $1199 per year Studio version for $55. Start on this page to see if you would qualify:

Thanks Colin, I have my student card from Parsons School and get my student subscription for Adobe CS this way, hopefully SketchUP will honour it too.

of course non-commercial use with educational licences too.

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